Awana Registration 2020-2021

Please complete one form per clubber.
Clubs and Ages

Puggles* - Age 2
Cubbies** - Ages 3-5
Sparks - Kindergarten-2nd Grade
Truth & Training - 3rd-6th Grade

* Puggles and Cubbies must be the appropriate age by September 1, 2020.
** Cubbies must be potty-trained.

6:00-7:40 pm  Puggles & Cubbies (check-in: 1st floor E Building)
6:00-7:45 pm  Sparks and T&T (check in: Gym)

Clubber Information

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Parent/Guardian Information

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Emergency Contact

Medical Authorization

In the event that an emergency occurs during regularly scheduled Awana activities on the campus of First Baptist Church New Braunfels and I, the parent/guardian, cannot be reached, I authorize the responsible adults (Commander, Director, Leader, or church staff member) to seek and obtain emergency medical care for my child.

Off-campus events will require separate permission/release forms.

I, the parent/guardian, give my consent for necessary emergency medical treatment.

I understand that it is my responsibility as the parent/guardian to provide the Awana Ministry of FBCNB with any changes in medical/insurance/emergency/contact information for my child.
Please select one option.
Photo/Video Permission

Photography Consent
I, the parent/guardian, give my permission for pictures and videos to be taken of my clubber for use within the FBCNB Awana Ministry. These pictures will be used for club crafts and the end-of-year awards ceremony.

Photo Publishing Consent
I, the parent/guardian, give my permission for pictures and videos to be taken of my child to be used in FBCNB publications, including online, for the purpose of promoting the Awana ministry.
Please select all that apply.
If you chose "Photography Only" or "Neither...," please upload a photo of your clubber below so we can ensure to abide by your wishes.
Parent Signature

By entering my initials below, I certify that I have filled out all of the above information completely and accurately. I further state that the choices I made above concerting Photography Consent, Photo Publishing Consent, and Authorization for Medical Attention reflect my wishes.
Registration Fee

Registration fees may be paid in installments, but must be paid in full by November 11, 2020. Clubbers enrolling after November 11th must pay the full amount upon registration.

If you prefer to pay in person, please make your check payable to First Baptist Church, and write "Awana" and your clubber's name in the memo line.

You can pay registration fees and purchase uniforms if necessary on Wednesday nights in the Awana Office in CLC 230. We are unable to accept credit cards in the Awana Office. Please be prepared with either cash or check.

If you have any questions regarding online payment, please contact FBCNB Executive Administrator, Norm Hils, at or 830-625-9124. If you have any other questions, please contact our Children's Minister at or 830-625-9124.


Please complete one form per clubber.